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We will link FREE to your website, at no cost, during our free promotional period for 12 months.  After that time, we will contact you to see if you would like to continue the service for a small fee.  There is no obligation, no contracts.  All we need is your verbal (or e-mail) ok.*  E-mail us at

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Place your menus online, no obligation, no contracts and no setup fees!

Memphis Menus Online will offer the following services as part of your personalized restaurant web page:

  • Restaurant name, address, phone numbers and hours of operation
  • Map link to MapQuest with directions for your customers.
  • User options to find your page (i.e. "Location", "Cuisine")
  • Special link for Restaurants that Cater
  • Photographs of your restaurant (inside and out if you like)
  • Short description of what your restaurant is famous for (you provide this)
  • Your dining, carryout, delivery and catering menus (in secure Adobe format)
  •  Link to your restaurant's web site (if you have one)
  • Coupons, if wanted (you totally control this option)
  • Fax order forms (if you accept faxed-in orders)
  • Optional second page with photographs of your special dishes or product offerings (like sauces & spices, cookbooks, T-shirts, etc.)
    We will also provide a small countertop display with customized advertising cards. Extra cards are available for catering events, if requested.

Just $29.95** per month,
no contracts to sign, cancel any time.

If you are interested, E-mail us for an appointment:

* - we only provide a link pass-thru from our site.  We are not responsible for anything on your
** - plus applicable sales tax.   Chains - $9.95 per each additional location in the Greater Memphis area
   (if menus, forms, coupons, etc. are the same)

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